How to register in Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a comfortable electronic payment system. Established in 2007, Perfect Money has become even more popular after the closing of Liberty Reserve. Today we tell you how to make Perfect Money account. This procedure is simple and will not take much time.

On the main page Perfect Money find “Signup” point from above. Continue reading…

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Mt. Gox suspends USD withdrawals

In an announcement made late last week Mt. Gox, the biggest Bitcoin exchange, noted that they have temporarily halted USD withdrawals from the exchange due to increased volume and the pressure this has placed on their banking partners. Continue reading…

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Who will replace Liberty Reserve?

After Liberty Reserve (one of the largest e-currencies in the world which was based in Costa Rica) shutdown many users of electronic payment systems search for the other one which is reliable, easy to use and accepted by various services. In USA they said that Liberty Reserve was used by criminals. Most likely they are right and some transactions should be blocked, but it’s obvious that many honest people around the world widely used LR as a convenient instrument of making payments as well. Continue reading…

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Perfect Money refuses to register new users from USA

Recently the payment system Perfect Money which is based in Russia spread the announcement on its site: “We bring to your attention that due to changes in our policy we forbid new registrations from individuals or companies based in the United States of America. This includes US citizens residing overseas. If you fall under the above mentioned category or a US resident, please do not register an account with us”.

It’s obvious that it happened because of the intentions of the American financial institutes to regulate business of anonymous (or partly anonymous) payment processors, such as Bitcoin or Liberty Reserve, in USA. Continue reading…

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How to buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin crypto-currency continues to gain popularity. The recent rapid growth of its rate has returned this currency to the headlines of the financial news. In March more than 20 000 users registered on MtGox, the biggest Bitcoin exchange. More and more people are interested in Bitcoin. And naturally, the novices have the question where and how to get “coins”. In this article we’ll review different ways of it with their advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading…

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Ego-system: EgoPay payment system review

The market of electronic currencies and payment systems is full of offers. Their high popularity is formed by the emerging needs of the market as a whole, as well as its individual members. And this need for is based on the lack of a reliable and convenient tool to perform various transactions in the Web. Continue reading…

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E-currency thefts how they are, or How to store your electronic money safely

Past months and years there were a lot of cases of stealing electronic money (sometimes even very big amounts). Some users of the Liberty Reserve payment system, who were not attentive, lost funds recently. Sometimes the hacker gets access to the user’s account when this user, trying to pay via LR API interface on the suspicious site, clicks on the phishing link (phishing is the act of acquiring confidential information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication). Continue reading…

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Liberty Reserve faced a suspicious activity

Last days and weeks there were some complaints from users on different financial forums regarding Liberty Reserve. They said that some funds were hold and even lost. Continue reading…

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«Liberty» vs «perfection»: comparing Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money e-currencies

«What to choose – Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money?», – this question is frequently asked by the users of electronic payment systems which are widely used nowadays. To begin with, we should say that they are similar. You can see it even by the look of the accounts’ numbers – both look like U123456 (the names of the exchangers accounts start with “X”). Both payment systems are among the biggest ones in the world and are accepted but many various services and e-shops.
But let’s speak about the differences. Continue reading…

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Limited account in Liberty Reserve – solving of problem

Sometimes, when you are sending money to Liberty Reserve account, you are getting error message «You are trying to send money to a limited account. Please contact account owner for more information». What does this mean? I’ve write instruction regarding this problem, just send it to account owner, and he will be able to rid off this limit easily. Continue reading…

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